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Created and produced by Grace Copeland, “Dance In Development” is a dance film series that pairs choreographers and dancers with musical theater writers/composers developing new work to help push the creation of original theater forward. Dance is a powerful way to tell stories, and even if telling the story in this way isn’t a perfect fit for a future stage production, a dance film allows the team to see new possibilities for their piece, meet potential collaborators, and get new eyes on their show. The final product is meant to be a helpful addition to the writer’s pitch materials as they look for producers and investors to get their show on its feet for a full production.

To inquire about the dance film series, reach out to Grace Copeland (contact page).

To inquire about the original musical, reach out to the writer of the show (listed in each description).

In This Body

IN THIS BODY is an original musical about Will, a musician who leaves his creative ambitions behind for a career in music law. But when he meets and swiftly falls in love with Alex, another songwriter with an eerily similar path to his, he starts to question his big choice, and begins find his way back to the music. 

We experience Will’s story through four other characters - four essential components of his own anatomy and psyche. And did we mention they’re a rock band? The Heart (drums), the Nervous System (violin), the Ego (acoustic guitar), and the Reproductive System (electric guitar) embark on an epic quest to regain Will’s happiness, culminating in a biological battle between head and heart that changes him forever.

Book, music, and lyrics by Zach Spound: | @zachspound

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