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Grace Copeland

Producer/Director | Theater Photographer | Dance Filmmaker

Artist Bio:

Grace Copeland is a director/producer of theatrical media based in New York City. To support her own creative endeavors, she accepts commissions for theater photography and dance films. Grace has no background in theater or dance and has stumbled into the arts industry through God's favor and good friends who believed in her before she believed in herself. She is currently producing a series of dance films called Dance In Development, which supports theatermakers developing new work by creating dance films of original songs written for the stage. She is also producing a dance series called Unpolished Movement Portraits that celebrates the humanity of movement artists. Grace has been a selected artist twice for Rockefeller Center’s annual Flag Project photo exhibit. She wants to create in a way that always loves the artists more than the art. 

Artist Statement:

My main goal is to always love the artists more than the art. More than anything I will ever create, I want to be a good friend and trustworthy collaborator. I am drawn to meaningful, story-driven movement and I hope to empower individual choreographers and dancers/movers to bring their ideas to life. Recently, I’ve begun to attempt to figure out how my specific niche of work can support other artists developing new original work. I want to create theatrical media that tells stories written for stage in an innovative new way on screen, while retaining the original intention of the piece to live on stage. I hope that my work can be a step toward generating new audiences, gaining financial support, and finding potential producing partners to move original theater to full production.


I've been doing photo and video for almost 7 years now, but it took me 6 of those years to be comfortable identifying as an artist. Since I've finally accepted the artist that God made me to be, I've never felt more like myself. 

When I'm not working, I can be found at Renaissance, The Hang, Dream Center NYC, and The Grace Place NYC!

Why theater and dance?

Short answer: It just sort of happened. I moved to New York City when I was 18 and became friends with musical theater performers. Through friendships and luck, I've found myself in this industry that is both deeply beautiful and deeply broken. I love to capture the artistic process just as much as the finished product!

Follow me personally and professionally at

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