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Dance In Development: Zach Spound's In This Body (in post-production)


The first of the Dance In Development series: Dance films of original songs written for the stage by theatermakers developing new work. 

Conceived, Directed, Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Grace Copeland

Original Song "In This Body" by Zach Spound,Co-produced by Zach Spound

Choreographed by Georgia Monroe

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Ryan Dunn: A Seasonal Playlist

The Green Room 42 - March 24th, 9:30PM
Produced by Grace Copeland

International Justice Mission x Broadway (working title)

Chelsea Table + Stage - April 23rd, 7PM + 9:30 (livestream available for the 7PM show)
Produced by Grace Copeland, in collaboration with International Justice Mission


Written, Directed, Executive Produced, Filmed, and Edited by Grace Copeland

Co-Produced by Penelope Morgan and Rachel Gifford

Original Music by Ryan Dunn

Lyrics by Ryan Dunn and Penelope Morgan

Orchestrations by Danielle Bees

Choreography by Sophie Aknin

Lead Vocals by Quentin Earl Darrington, Quartet by Ryan Dunn, Leah Beth Etheredge, Andrew Gordon, Penelope Morgan

Musicians: Piano - Danielle Bees, Trumpet - Brandon Orr, Bass - Benjamin Spalink, Drums - Miq Munoz


Movement Artists (in order of appearance):

Emma Jones, Adina Kory, Catherine Ellis, Ryan Dunn, Sophie Aknin, Morgan children, Josh Dunn, John Reed, Madison Baker, Marissa Koeller, Carly Grossman, Rebekah Hughes, Anna Hertel, Danielle Bees, Laura Kaufman, Carol Teten, Melissa Jones, Akiva Brooks, Noah Castillero


Production Assisted by Andrew Shield

BTS Photography by Paolo Verzani and Grace Copeland

Costume Direction by Grace Copeland


Leah Beth Etheredge's New Into the Woods Concept

Into the Woods set in the 1940s blitz in London - please contact director Leah Beth Etheredge and team at for more information or to inquire about investing/producing.


A series conceived and produced by Grace Copeland.


These “unpolished movement portraits” are a celebration of  the non-artistic parts of artists’ lives. Dancers and theatermakers can become so passionate about chasing our dreams that we forget to celebrate the parts of ourselves that make us who we are as individuals. The process: we meet, we chat, I give a prompt, we record a one minute(ish) iPhone voice memo, they listen to it several times, and then they improv to their own thoughts. Only the story or emotion they’ve shared informs their movement - no music, no choreography, no rehearsal. Both the soundbite and the video are done in only one or two takes. These are snapshots of our friends’ hearts, the humanity under the artistry.


If you’re a dancer/mover/human that is interested in being featured in this series, message me!